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Grand Stone Services is officially a member of the UK Cast Stone Association !!!

UK Cast Stone Association is the ‘Guardian of Quality’ for Cast Stone and represents the UK’s leading manufacturers. UKCSA sets high performance standards supported by rigorous testing and quality control, therefore all members must go through a strict vetting procedure which will assure our customers that the quality of the products and services conforms to the highest standards.

Grand Stone Services - Cast Stone

Why the UK Cast Stone Association?

Grand Stone Services is a specialist masonry fitting company working with a cast stone and we have been involved in some of the past UKCSA award winning cast stone projects, therefore being a member of UK Cast Stone Association is very important for the business and our clients to provide with the highest standards of the quality.

View our membership with the UKCSA

Further details are available on the UK Cast Stone Association website at or by contacting or 01344 550471 .

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