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Stone Cleaning for your Property using DOFF System

Over time, dirt and grime can build up, not only does this make a building look tired and unappealing, it can also cause damage to building materials. With expertise in natural and cast stone masonry, our team of highly skilled professionals are experienced in all types of stone cleaning and maintenance. We specialise in cleaning luxury stone structures back to their original appearance.

Stone cleaning Doff - Grand Stone Services

Stone Cleaning for Residential Buildings

Our team of cleaning experts take pride in restoring a wide range of stone structures, surfaces and dirt ridden conditions for residential buildings. Stone cleaning will simply improve the look of your home and potentially increase the value of your property.

With the best equipment, processes and delicate attention to detail, clients are guaranteed to receive the highest standards in stone cleaning and maintenance. From years of accumulated moss to darkened paving slabs, Grand Stone Services guarantees unmatched cleaning results for a variety of stone features.

Stone cleaning with the DOFF System

We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best stone cleaning results for every project. Our team of cleaning experts use the market-leading DOFF System to effectively remove paint, refined substances and general dirt without compromising the underlining stone. The DOFF produces very little pressure and instead, produces the results with high temperature and little water without damaging the the top layer of the stone.

The DOFF removes:

  • years of biological matter

  • dirt and grime

  • moss

  • algae

  • fungi

  • oil

  • graffiti

  • pigeon guano

Stone cleaning Specific Expertise

Our skilled team of cleaning professionals are fully trained to efficiently clean many different types of resistant matter with careful precision. To get the best cleaning results every time, we dynamically adjust the temperature and pressure in line with the overall desired finish.

To ensure the long-term integrity of cleaned stone, we cover it with a highly resistant protective sealant. This level of attention and care comes as standard with all of Grand Stone Services cleaning solutions.

It is important to have your structure exterior cleaned and restored regularly to maintain an elegant look and prevent grime, dust and other elements from marring the stone’s appearance as well as avert the future damage to the structure itself. If you're looking for an experienced masonry team to clean your property, Grand Stone Services team is here to help you.

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