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Why choosing Architectural Cast Stone will increase your property value

Architectural cast stone is a highly refined building material, a form of precast concrete used as masonry intended to simulate natural-cut stone. It is used to build stone porticos, stone window sills and window heads, pier caps, stone steps and other cast stone structures. Depending on what project you’d like to tackle and what your budget and personal style is, architectural cast stone may be the perfect material for you.

Grand Stone Services - Architectural Cast Stone

What is Architectural Cast Stone

Architectural cast Stone is a type of precast concrete designed to simulate different types of natural cut stone. Specifying cast stone allows the designer the ultimate freedom to achieve the aesthetic they desire without restriction. Architectural cast stone is made from fine and natural aggregates, a cementitious binder and colouring where appropriate. It is produced from specially designed moulds which may be made from wood, rubber or glass-fibre to make it easy for the mason to install it.

Benefits and key features of the Architectural Cast Stone

Grand Stone Services - Cast Stone Columns

Architectural Cast Stone can improve the appearance of your property by adding an extremely elegant look as well as increasing the financial value to your home. There are a numerous selection of cast stone designs and colour options you could choose from. The key features of the cast stone are:

  • Authentic look and feels like natural stone

  • Highest quality & strength

  • Resistance - minimal maintenance required

  • Variety of designs, sizes and shapes

  • Versatile - easy to install and handle

  • Cost effective solution - alternative to a natural stone

Specialist Expertise

Grand Stone Services is trusted by some of the UK’s leading developers and luxury property owners for delivering unrivalled architectural masonry. Our architectural stone services are a complete end-to-end solution for clients. We manage the full process carefully from sourcing and supplying the stone-based materials to installation and job completion. If you're looking for an experienced masonry team to supply or install the Cast Stone to your property, Grand Stone Services team is here to help you.

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